23ème Feu Sacré de Pâques du 18 au 22 avril 2019

An intensive 5-day alchemical process to vibrate the resurrection with the key word: PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL.

Want to change frequencies, rise, share, vibrate light, unity, love, joy? Welcome.

Diamond Earth, a peace activator for the elevation of consciousness.

Sacred geometry and waveforms. Discover 15 years of research.

Kundalini Yoga Therapies Massages Uncover a world for your well-being

Researcher, inventor, teacher, lecturer, holistic therapist

A life in the service of Light, Love, Life.

Diamond Earth

Become a radiant light

of peace for the world.

Sacred geometry

Immerse yourself in the depth of creation.

Kundalini yoga - Therapies

Walk on the path

of self-knowledge.